• Symmons Plains, Tasmania.

Wet and Wild Tassie Weather takes its toll in the Supercars Round for 2017

PAYCE Managing Director, Brian Boyd said drivers and spectators come together at the Symmonds Plains round of Supercars in anticipation of close racing and fast lap times.

The Circuit Offers Many Challenges - Brian Boyd

PAYCE Managing Director, Brian Boyd said drivers and spectators come together at the Symmonds Plains round of Supercars in anticipation of close racing and fast lap times.

"For drivers and their teams the circuit offers many challenges despite being the shortest circuit in the championship and only seven corners," Mr. Boyd said.

"The track is relatively kind on tyres, but braking for the corners, in particular the hairpin at turn four, puts a great strain on the car while providing passing opportunities for the brave.

"For spectators, close racing is guaranteed and this is the only circuit where fans can view the whole circuit from a number of vantage points," Brian Boyd said.

V8 Supercars Wrap-Up with Brian Boyd

The Wilson Security Racing GRM team arrived on a positive note at Symmons Plains Raceway after very encouraging performances in the Clipsal 500 round and more recently at the Australian Grand Prix meeting in Melbourne.

Brian Boyd said while the new #33 and #34 Commodores need more development to make them super competitive, initial indications are that the team is on track and in time will be contenders for front positions on the grid.

Tight Competition in Practice Across a Dry Friday - Brian Boyd

The two practice sessions on Friday were run in dry conditions and the team focused on adjusting setups as part of their ongoing development program. Both James and Garth's best times had them 13th fastest in sessions 1 and 2 respectively. Time-wise, they were just fractions of a second away from the top time.

"The competition and tightness of the track is such that those small differences can drop a driver well down the order," Brian Boyd said.

Mixed Conditions on Saturday Brings Improvement - Brian Boyd.

Saturday's action started in the wet and finished in the dry with the final practice that saw some improvement in positions by the team to have James up to 8th fastest and Garth to 12th. Qualifying for race 1 some hours later was run in full wet conditions with all cars set up accordingly. Unfortunately, both GRM cars struggled and were not able replicate their last practice performances and qualified 16th (Garth) and 18th (James).

Brian Boyd said the past 21 races at the Symmonds Plains track had never seen the winner come from outside the first three grid positions except on one occasion and that was from fifth.

"So the chances of anyone further back taking the chequered flag were very slim. Weatherwise, the conditions were very bad with visibility through the field from spray likely to have a major impact on anyone back from the leaders," Mr. Boyd said.

Major Incident on Lap 2 Determines a No Points Race - Brian Boyd

All PAYCE cars got off the line well for race 1, but within a couple of kilometres, on lap 2, a major incident occurred that involved 12 cars in a chain reaction, including the #33 and #34 GRM Commodores. The race did re-start after 50 minutes for one lap late in the day for a result that drew lots of controversial comments both at the track and on social media.

"Commonsense prevailed and that decision was later changed to a non-race and no points to be awarded," Brian Boyd said.

But for four cars, their weekend was over, although through some amazing work by pit crews the other cars involved were back the next day after burning the midnight oil by their crews.

"The GRM team were on the job till 1am, and, to their credit and commitment, they were able to present two functioning cars for Sunday's qualifier and race.

Clearer Weather on Sunday has Teams Ready to Race - Brian Boyd

"The rain and cold winds eased somewhat on Sunday, and everyone was keen to get on with the racing.

"The Tassie crowds are better conditioned to the bad weather and were clearly happy to bunker down and see the racing going ahead when possibly the meet may well have been called off if the weather had not abated," Brian Boyd explained.

Qualifying was uneventful for the GRM team and everyone was pleased just to see the two cars back on the track, even if they were not 100 per cent. Garth posted a best time to put him 16th on the grid and James was two spots back in 18th.

Race Time Brings Tyre Decisions - Brian Boyd

Race time came and all teams were faced with the decision whether to stay on wets or punt for dry conditions as the rain, although threatening, had stopped at that stage. Brian Boyd said the Wilson Security Racing GRM team opted to stay on wet as did the entire field bar two.

"It was a gamble worth taking, but as it turned out the track started to dry out and those on dry tyres were quick to take advantage," Brian Boyd said.

"Unfortunately, the team's run of bad luck was not over and James was back in the pits when he sustained damage to the rear suspension after tangling with two other cars.

"Garth on the other hand had a better run and was able to work his way into the top 10 and held onto tenth place at the chequered flag. James finished 19th after a return to the circuit following the repairs.

"Congratulations to the DJR Penske team for the win and to Scott McLaughlin for his second place," Brian Boyd said.

A Challenging Race Meeting for the Wilson Security Racing GRM Team – Brian Boyd.

"Overall, a disappointing weekend for the Wilson Security Racing GRM team with damaged cars, but a mammoth effort by the crew to get the cars raceworthy and for Garth to achieve a top 10 finish on Sunday," finished Mr. Boyd.

Next meeting is at Phillip Island, a favourite track of the team's, where they have enjoyed some great successes in the past and hopefully will see some good results this time around as well.

Current Standings

Garth Tander 219 points
James Moffat 183 points
Go Team PAYCE!