Australian Motorsport seasons events - 2019 - Brian Boyd

Mr. Boyd is an avid Motorsport enthusiast who is genuinely immersed in all aspects of the Australian Motor Racing industry. Join us for regular commentary across the 2019 season with Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd and PAYCE Consolidated Limited have been earnestly involved with Australian Motor Racing as a key sponsor since 2006.

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Brian Boyd and PAYCE sponsored Australian Motor Racing: the Drivers, the Teams, The Cars and the Events around Australia.

The 2019 season of Australian Motor Racing sees PAYCE sponsoring a series of Teams and Racing Drivers, Mr Brian Boyd flies the PAYCE flag as the events progress through the season and comments on events like the Dunlop Series, V8Supercars, the Carrera Cup Challenge, the Kerrick Sports Sedan Series, Classic period Cars and the Touring Car Masters.

The PAYCE teams consist in such notable Australian Motor Racing legends as John Bowe and the now retired Garry Rogers from Wilson Security Racing GRM - Garry Rogers Motorsport, James Moffat (son of Australian Motor Racing legend Allan Moffat), Garth Tander, Richard Muscat, James Golding, Mason Barbera and Macauley Jones (from Brad Jones Racing). The PAYCE sponsored teams in the Volvo S60 and Commodore V8Supercars are under starters orders and with their sights set on the flag for 2019, drivers - start your engines.

Brian Boyd believes in encouraging young drivers to break into the mainstream motor racing circuit.

The development of the younger racing drivers is a particular area where Brian Boyd sees the future of the sport coming to the fore.

Young drivers showing promise in lesser event categories, when given the opportunity to show their already good instincts and sharp reflexes make better racing desicions when exposed to real racing experience. All this equates to real results for the whole team and steady increases in points on the leaderboard

Mr Brian Boyd - PAYCE Motor Racing teams benefit from a mix of young drivers, experienced drivers and Australian Motor Racing legends.

For 2019, Brian Boyd and Team PAYCE have put their weight behind a mix of young rising stars, experienced racing drivers and, in the case of John Bowe, a legend in Australian Motorsport. This combination of experience, determination and young spirit promises to deliver some of the tightest racing seen in recent years.

Brian Boyd and PAYCE present the Latest News from the Pit Lane of Australian Motorsport.

Join Brian Boyd as he discusses with PAYCE Motorsport team journalist, Bill Smith, the latest in racing strategies from the pit lane with the teams as they plan their moves to take the chequered flag.

"The 2019 season will be full of exciting, wheel to wheel battles across the series and we are all eager to start the year with some solid results," said Brian Boyd.

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V8 Supercars Sandown 500
1 Jamie Whincup / Paul Dumbrell 300 Points
2 Shane Van Gisbergen / Earl Bamber 276 Points
3 Craig Lownes / Steven Richards 258 Points
9 Garth Tander / Chris Pither 168 Points
18 James Golding / Richard Muscat 102 Points
Overall Rankings
1 Shane Van Gisbergen 3054 Points
2 Scott McLaughlin 2999 Points
3 Jamie Whincup 2716 Points
13 Garth Tander 1626 Points
21 James Golding 1025 Points
33 Macauley Jones 201 Points
Next Race Event
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000
Dunlop Super2Series Sandown 500
1 Brodie Kostecki 150 Points
2 Paul Dumbrell 138 Points
3 Chris Pither 129 Points
4 Macauley Jones 120 Points
11 Mason Barbera 72 Points
Overall Rankings
1 Paul Dumbrell 1352Points
2 Chris Pither 1126 Points
3 Brodie Kostecki 1087 Points
7 Macauley Jones 920 Points
18 Mason Barbera 555 Points
Next Race Event
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000
Paynter Dixon Touring Car Masters Sandown 500
1 Steve Johnson 145 Points
2 Adam Bressington 106 Points
3 Mark King 98 Points
5 John Bowe 72 Points
Overall Rankings
1 Steve Johnson 1104 Points
2 John Bowe 1049 Points
3 Adam Bressington 943 Points
Next Race Event
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000
Porsche Wilson Security Carrera Cup
The Bend
1 Dale Wood 8 Laps
2 Jaxon Evans 8 Laps
3 Michael Almond 8 Laps
5 David Wall 8 Laps
6 Dale Wood 8 Laps
Overall Rankings
1 Jaxon Evans 868 Points
2 Dylan O'Keeffe 806 Points
3 David Wall 726 Points
4 Dale Wood 696 Points
5 James Moffat 665 Points
Next Race Event
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000
Group N B
Muscle Car Masters Round 5
1 Alex D'Onofrio - Cooper S 22 Points
2 Andrew Bergan - Cooper S 18.75 Points
3 Stephen Pittman - EH Holden 12.5 Points
3 Steve Beazley 12.5 Points
Overall Rankings
1 Alex D'Onofrio - Cooper S 54.5 Points
Next Race Event
Festival of Sporting Cars
Group Nc
Muscle Car Masters Round 5
1 Jamie Tilley - Ford Mustang 19 Points
1 Chris Thomas - Torana XU1 19 Points
3 Wayne Rogerson - Mazda RX2 15.25 Points
3 Ben Wilkinson - Ford Mustang 15.25 Points
Overall Rankings
1 Rod Wallace 29 Points
Next Race Event
Festival of Sporting Cars

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