Latest News from the Pit Lane with Mr. Brian Boyd


  • PAYCE Head Office, Sydney NSW.

Without doubt, Bathurst is one of our countries most famous racing tracks - Brian Boyd

Every year Mount Panorama plays host to our greatest and most gruelling motor racing events that test both cars and drivers in a mini endurance race covering 250 kilometers.

The Mount Panorama circuit is a beautiful run and one of the fastest on the annual circuit with cars hitting around 300kph coming down the Conrod straight, it certainly tests a drivers nerve and skill with its twists and tight turns approaching the top of the mountain.

The Bathurst circuit has everything it takes for a thrilling weekends motorsport. The Team PAYCE engineering crews have been working incredibly hard on our cars tuning everything up for what promises to be another weekend of first class motorsport.

Team PAYCE well Represented at the 2017 Bathurst 1000 - Brian Boyd

Picking up the pace, Brian said the three Team PAYCE drivers were off to a good start in the penultimate round, with Chris Pither topping the first practice session and all three well in the top ten in qualifying.

“Chris was 4th fastest, Mason Barbera 6th and Macauley Jones 7th,” noted Mr Boyd.
“It was a great effort by Mason in only his second visit to the mountain circuit as a driver in the category, stated Mr Boyd.

Mistimed entry into the Chase cheats Macauley - Brian Boyd.

“In the mini enduro race run over 250 kilometres, Brian continued, Macauley Jones was set to take a back-to-back win in the annual race, only to have his hopes dashed when leading on the last lap.”

A mistimed entry into The Chase and a tap from behind sent him off the circuit and although he recovered, he finished well down the order in 14th place.

Chris Pither picks up podium - Brian Boyd

Brian said, “GRM’s Chris Pither picked up a podium after a consistent drive and a dash for the line on the final lap netted him 3rd place.

“Team-mate, Mason Barbera had his second best result for the season, finishing sixth. Mason’s result and performance through the race showed he is coming to grips with the highly competitive series and the benefit of having a good team behind him.”

All up a very satisfactory result for this years Dunlop Super 2 commented Mr Boyd.

Go Team PAYCE!