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Team PAYCE out in Force at Winton - V8 Supercars Race Event Wrap Up 2017 - Brian Boyd

PAYCE Managing Director, Brian Boyd said the Winton SuperSprint round saw the full complement of Team PAYCE members gaining track time either in the race program or making use of the practice sessions as they prepare for the upcoming endurance races as co-drivers.

"James Moffat and Garth Tander were joined by wildcards James Golding (GRM) and Macauley Jones (BJR) in the Supercars round. James Golding and Macauley also joined Richard Muscat (GRM) for the additional drivers session in preparation for their co-driver duties in the coming enduros," Brian Boyd commented.

"Mason Barbera gave up his usual Super2 seat to James Golding and had a successful meeting in the SuperUtes. David Wall was also on track, not with the PAYCE Porsche this weekend, but getting up to speed as an enduro co-driver for the Nissan Motorsport team.

"John Bowe wheeled out the re-freshed A9X look-a-like #18 Holden Torana for the Touring Car Masters second round that started well for him but finished bad, being involved in crash that resulted in his first serious injury in his 45 year career," lamented Mr. Boyd.

Friday Practice Sessions Run in Atrocious Wet Conditions - Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said Friday's practice sessions were run in the wet, so all teams generally felt the times were not relevant if the rest of the weekend was to turn out dry.

"The fastest times in session one were nearly 30 seconds slower than the usual race pace in the dry," Brian Boyd said.

"For the GRM team, it was to be a very busy weekend with three cars in the Supercars field for the first time.

"The data collected and the settings in the wet conditions will no doubt prove valuable in the future, especially not having raced the Commodores at the track before," offered Brian Boyd.

Wet Sessions Benefit Young Racers - Brian Boyd

"The sessions were also of benefit for both James Golding and Richard Muscat, giving James track time to get accustomed to the cars he would drive later over the weekend and in the enduros.

"Likewise, Richard appreciated the time behind the wheel of the #34 Commodore for the first time in preparation for the endurance races and did a good job to be 3rd fastest in the additional drivers' session," Brian Boyd added.

"Young Macauley Jones was in a similar position to James Golding, switching between his usual Super2 Commodore sporting a new number #4 and livery for this and the next two rounds and also testing Nick Percat's #8 Supercar in practice."

Rain Persisted All Through Friday Practice – Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said the rain was persistent all through Friday and conditions were atrocious.

"Almost all drivers had numerous excursions off the circuit as the cars aquaplaned in many sections of the track. Fortunately, Winton has lots of clear run-off areas and most cars escaped serious damage," Boyd recounted.

"James Moffat and Garth Tander spent limited time on the track due to the conditions, but James Golding persevered with the rain as he had been out of racing action for five months, except for some briefs stints at the Sydney test day and a drive day in Perth.

"Garry and the team resisted the temptation to put slicks on near the end of practice two when the track started to dry as the cars were still on their wet settings," expressed Brian Boyd.

A Dry Track for Practice Three a Welcomed Sight - Brian Boyd

By Saturday morning the rain had gone and the track was dry, giving teams their first serious track time in practice three. Garth finished the session in 8th spot, James Moffat was 20th, James Golding 22nd and Macauley 27th.

Qualifying was dominated by the Team Penske DJR and Red Bull Racing cars.

Brian Boyd noted Garth managed to record 13th fastest time, which was six-tenths off the top time set by Scotty McLaughlin.

"James Moffat did well to qualify the #34 Holden in 25th as the car wanted to lock the front when braking for the corners.

"James Golding was the best of the wildcards, taking 18th spot and less than a second off the top time. Macauley was close behind in 20th," intonated Brian Boyd after the session.

The Saturday Enduro Race was Over 40 Laps – Brian Boyd

The Saturday race (race 9) was over 40 laps (120 kilometres) with one compulsory pit stop.

Brian Boyd said James Moffat was quick off the line and picked up five positions in just the first lap, but not mixing it with some aggressive driving in the pack.

"Garth was able to pick up a spot which he held till lap 11 when he pitted as planned. James Golding fell victim of some heavy traffic and found himself off the circuit and relegated to the rear of the field," Mr. Boyd stated.

"Moffat was in on lap 8 and was driving strongly to soon reach midfield. Garth was having a good run as well and made it into the top 10 in 7th spot. James Golding was kept out late and did not pit until lap 29 by which time he had made up 10 places to be 19th."

Brian Boyd noted that towards race end, Garth had a great battle with Lowndes and Van Gisbergen and was able to hold onto his 7th place.

"Moffat was pushing forward and did a credible job to come home in 13th, while Golding led the wildcard drivers home to finish in 16th place – a fantastic effort in his first solo Supercars race. Macauley finished where he had started in 20th spot," Boyd said.

Sunday got off to a disappointing start for Moffat after being penalised five seconds for the first lap altercation the day before and taking him down the order by six positions to 19th.

Brian Boyd believed many observers thought the coming together was a racing incident, but the officials were of a different opinion.

A Dry Track in Time for Qualifying for the 200km Enduros Race – Brian Boyd

"Qualifying for the longer race of 200 kilometres (race 10) was again in the dry and Garth improved both in time and position to qualify 10th, while the James' boys were to be near the back of the pack in 20th (Moffat) and 23rd (Golding). Macauley was in front of the two GRM cars in 19th position," Mr. Boyd asserted.

A Minimum Two Stop Strategy for the Longer Race - Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said Sunday's race required at least two pit stops and strategy was to play a major role.

"When the flag dropped, Garth was quickly away and immediately picked up one spot. Golding in the #31Commodore was first of the GRM cars into the pits as he was being held up on- track by slower cars.

"Garth was in on lap 9 and Moff on lap 16 for their first stops and all going to plan. Garth and Golding were travelling well when they pitted on lap 34 at the halfway point and then faced their longest stint of the weekend to the chequered flag," Brian Boyd announced.

"James Moffat was in on lap 44 for his last fill and was able to make up a position on Courtney when he returned to the track."

Safety Car Intervention Adds Spice to the Race - Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said a safety car intervention with just 13 laps to go added extra spice to the race with the lead changing in favour of Van Gisbergen over Whincup.

"Garth hounded Scotty McLaughlin to the flag to finish with a great result in 6th place. James Moffat came in 17th and James Golding was unfortunate to get a push off the circuit after the safety car re-start when he looked like locking up a good result inside the top 20. Macauley finished 23rd closely followed by Golding in 25th place.

Very Good Result for the Wilson Security Racing GRM Team at Winton in 2017 - Brian Boyd

"Overall, a very good result for the Wilson Security Racing GRM team with two top ten finishes and a great performance by James Golding in his solo Supercars debut," Brian Boyd recapped.

"Also some great work by the boys and girls in the GRM garage, with good strategies and fast action in the pit stops. More remarkable given there were three cars running around for the first time."

The team retains its 4th place on the Teams Championship leaderboard.

Macauley Jones Impresses With His First Solo Drive - Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said Macauley Jones performed well in the main game in his first solo drive and impressed with his tenacity and level-headed driving against the seasoned drivers.

"The experience in the wet and on the super soft tyres against the best touring car drivers in the country will be put to good use as his racing career progresses," Brian Boyd enthused.

Drivers Championship:

Garth Tander 6th
James Moffat 11th
James Golding 27th
Macauley Jones 29th

Teams Championship:

Wilson Security Racing GRM 4th
Go Team PAYCE!