TOURING CAR MASTERS WRAP UP - Clipsal 500 in Adelaide 2017


  • PAYCE Head Office, Sydney NSW.

John Bowe #18 Holden Torana SL/R 5000

JB on the Limit at the TCM 2017 Championship – Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said competition in this year's Touring Car Masters category is at an all-time high, and defending champion, John Bowe was back behind the wheel of the #18 Holden Torana SL/R 5000 again to take on his fellow competitors.

JB's Mustang Sally returns to the TCM in 2017 – Brian Boyd

"Adelaide saw the return of John's former Ford Mustang, 'Mustang Sally', with Steven Johnson at the wheel, setting the scene for some exciting dices to come," Brian Boyd said.

"A number of 'old hands' and some fresh young faces helped boost the field to 25 cars, with the prospect of more cars hitting the track as the season progresses," offered Mr. Boyd

John Pipped by only 1/100 second in the Friday Qualifying Session – Brian Boyd

Qualifying on Friday for the first race held immense promise for a number one spot on the starting grid until John was pipped by a mere 1/100 second. Stating race 1 on the front row none the less, John held position but was unable to pass the leader, finishing where he started in a race truncated to 8 laps due to several race incidents and an inevitable safety car session. Saturday's race two resulted in car #18 finishing in third position after a wrangle with the tyre barrier, throwing the front suspension out of alignment.

Qualifying Session was Tight – Brian Boyd

Qualifying was tight as John edged out Steven Johnson by 0.3 seconds to give JB his seventh pole in Adelaide. After missing the second practice session, Steven was lucky to qualify on the front row beside JB half way through qualifying, as he was plagued with the same problem that put him out in practice.

Mustang Sally and Steve in Top Form - JB Responds - Brian Boyd

Race 1 saw Steve storm to the lead with JB in hot pursuit as the field filed through the chicane, but then retire to the pit garage with the problem re-occurring.

"JB was left with a comfortable lead which he maintained to the finish, taking the win from Adam Bressington's Camaro and Ryan Hansford's Torana."

JB Breaks his Existing Lap Record - Brian Boyd

The pressure was on JB in race 2 when Bressington's Camaro edged out JB's Torana to snatch the lead into the chicane, but within a lap JB was in front and away. Not content to run in front, he then broke his existing lap record and was never challenged.

Reverse Grid for Race 3 Brings Havoc to JB - Brian Boyd

Race 3 was a reverse grid, which unfortunately has a habit of creating all kinds of incidents as the faster cars weave through the traffic. This race was no exception and it only took one corner for Terry Lawler to clip the kerb then collect both Jim Richards and Cameron Tilley and result in three DNFs.

Brian Boyd said John Bowe and Steve Johnson had a very entertaining battle mid-field swapping positions before Steven got the upper hand and finished in fourth place ahead of JB in sixth.

"All in all a very exciting and entertaining start to this series, which continues to grow in leaps and bounds in popularity with every round," Brian Boyd said.

The Touring Car Masters now have a long break before round 2 at Winton in May.

Current Standings

John Bowe 1st 170 points
Go Team PAYCE!