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  • PAYCE Headquarters, Sydney NSW.

The Historic Touring Cars Association has welcomed the ongoing support of naming sponsor, PAYCE

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director said the Historic Touring Cars category is firmly established as an exciting Australian motorsport category with a strong following at its races.

The 2016 Group N championship is split between tracks at Eastern Creek's Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) and Goulburn's Wakefield Park and is composed of seven rounds. The popular Muscle Car Masters and the Retro Speedfest at SMSP host two of the 2016 rounds, with the balance shared between the Historic Racing and Sports Cars Association and the Festival of Sporting Cars meetings.

Group N is an important part of our motor racing heritage – Mr Brian Boyd

All cars are presented in impeccable condition and there is an understanding, these cars represent a significant personal investment, contact with other teams is shunned and competition between the competitors runs high.

"It's an opportunity for the older generation to re-live some great memories and for the younger generation to appreciate the spectacle of touring cars that closely resemble what was available at the time off the showroom floor," said Mr Boyd.

"I particularly congratulate all involved with the category on the quality and variety of the fields, as well as the friendly rivalry, on and off the track.

"Group N is an important part of our motor racing heritage and it's great to see that the category appeals to all ages, young and not-so-young and that fans have great access to the pits and paddock to inspect the cars up close and talk to the drivers," said Brian Boyd.

Group N continues to build in appeal to competitors and fans of all ages

Historic Touring Cars' NSW Executive President, Ray Dean says the continuing involvement of PAYCE through 2016 is great news for the category and a boost for historic racing.

"Group N continues to build in appeal to competitors and fans of all ages around the country, and sponsors are an integral part of a successful future for the category," Mr Dean said.

"PAYCE is a well-respected and long-time active supporter of Australian motorsport and their continued involvement as the major sponsor of our category is most valued".

"We are extremely honoured to have PAYCE on board throughout our competitive point score rounds, we are looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with them".

PAYCE Motorsport Teams taking to the track this season

PAYCE currently supports a number of drivers and teams across four other categories, including the V8 Supercars team, Scott McLaughlin and James Moffat in Garry Rogers Motorsport. Three drivers in the V8 Dunlop Series consisting of Richard Muscat and James Golding in the Garry Rogers Motorsport team and Macauley Jones in the Brad Jones Racing team. The company is also sponsor David Wall in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Championship and John Bowe in the Touring Car Masters Championship.

About Historic Touring Cars (Group N)

The Historic Touring Car Association of NSW was established in 1980 to foster and promote Historic Touring Car racing in Australia in conjunction with other forms of historic car racing.

Group N is recognised as part of the Historic 5th category and caters for production and touring cars built before 31st December 1972.

Across its three classes - Na, Nb and Nc - Historic Touring Cars generally covers cars commercially available in Australia up to the end of 1957 (Na), cars manufactured up to the end of 1964 of which 100 have been produced and which have a competition history (formerly Appendix J) (Nb), and touring cars which competed in Australia between 1965-1972 in either the Australian Touring Championship or Group C Improved Touring Cars (Nc). The classes include Mini Coopers, Holden 48-215s, Monaros and Toranas, Ford Mustangs, Capris, Cortinas, Falcons and Anglias.

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